Whether you are an experienced diver or have never tried it before, you are in the right place.

LUSAC is a member of the British Sub-Aqua Club, BSAC. We represent the University of Liverpool in all underwater related sports, including scuba diving and octopush, also known as underwater hockey. We provide scuba diving training from complete beginners to people wishing to gain further experience. LUSAC award internationally recognised qualifications in scuba diving, as well as being competing members of the British Octopush Association.

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About Us

Founded in 1967, LUSAC is a branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club, a diver training organisation who award internationally recognised qualifications and are the UK's national governing body for recreational diving.

By joining LUSAC you will be joining one of the country's best student diving clubs. Throughout LUSAC history, hundreds of people have gained BSAC qualifications, and several of our oldest active members first learnt with LUSAC.

Overtime, LUSAC has developed into a fully fledged BSAC club offering training from beginner onwards. We offer a full calendar of dive trips and events within a friendly and sociable atmosphere, and as one of the best equipped university clubs in the UK, we can offer some of the lowest priced training of any clubs or organisations. We operate two rigid hull inflatable boats which you can learn to drive as well as offering free unlimited air to all members and all necessary equipment is included with your membership fees.

Being a branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club, LUSAC is more than just a diver training organisation; we are a community who partake in other activities such as nights out, meals out, trips away, film nights and many more. With a wide and varied calendar, our events differ from year to year. Through LUSAC you can make friends for life.

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What is LUSAC?

LUSAC is a British sub aqua club (BSAC) which includes both scuba diving and underwater hockey – also known as octopush. We are a very diverse and friendly club with a great atmosphere. We follow BSAC teaching guidelines and you can check out their website here.

I’m not a student, can I still join?

To join LUSAC you must have an affiliation with the University of Liverpool or with other university in Liverpool. The only other requirement to join our club is that you are fit to dive, this involves being able to sign a medical self-declaration form, and the ability to confidently swim a short distance.

Can I try diving out before I commit to dive lessons?

We run try-dive sessions at the start of the year following the Fresher’s Fair, it takes place in the Sport Liverpool Swimming pool and is free to attend. During this session you can meet the instructors, get a feel of what it’s like to breathe and swim underwater and it gives you the opportunity to decide if diving is the sport for you.

What is Underwater Hockey?

Octopush (also known as underwater hockey) is a fast paced underwater game similar to hockey.
Originally developed by divers to help keep them fit and engaged in dive clubs during the offseason, it has become a sport in its own right. Check out our Octopush page.

How do I join LUSAC?

If you are interested in joining or wish to find out more, check out our contact us page.

When and where do you meet?

You will find most of us at the AJ pub after 22:00 on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please feel free to come along and say hi, we are usually quite recognisable but maybe drop us a message on Facebook beforehand so we know to look out for you!

Underwater hockey and scuba training takes place at the Liverpool University Sports Centre every Tuesday and Friday 20:30-22:00 and if you sign up for diving lessons you will have training during that time once a week on either day. We also hold regular and diverse socials such as picnics (if the weather permits!), bowling, film and pizza nights, go karting or heading down to concert square.

How long does it take to learn to dive?

We aim for all our trainees to have completed their BSAC Ocean Diver qualification by the end of the first or second semester, it involves six to eight pool lessons, several theory lessons followed by a theory test and then two open water days at Capernwray quarry.

Don’t worry, we issue all new trainees with a timetable at the start of the year. All that we ask is that you keep the allotted times available so that we can get you through training as efficiently as possible. Check out this page.

I trained with another agency (e.g. PADI, SSI), can I still join?

Of course! LUSAC welcomes all divers no matter what qualification you hold. We may require you to do a refresher skills session and a drysuit lesson before you are able to come diving with us but this is done at the very start of semester one so that you can enjoy a whole year of diving with us.

You can also continue your training with us if you wish, you won’t lose any current qualifications nor will it stop you being able to do further training with other agencies. Please get in touch and we can answer any questions and help sort this out for you! Check out this page.

How much does it cost?

We estimate that over the course of the year to complete your ocean diver or sport diver qualification it would cost in the region of £300-£400.

We understand this can seem like a lot but we promise we try and keep costs to a minimum and do everything we can to make diving more affordable.

The upfront costs that you will spend in the first month is in the region of £100 as this includes BSAC membership, which provides third party insurance, AU membership, which provides you with personal insurance and a kit levy which goes to the club so that we can maintain kit and the boats to a high standard.

If you would like a more exact estimate of costs please get in touch with membership@lusac.org.uk, we may ask you a few questions to get a better idea of how much you’ll end up spending over the year.

If you are already qualified and do not wish to undergo any further training it will only cost you around £100 to become a member, however please note this does not include trip costs.
More details here.

Is diving in the UK actually worth it?

Although diving in the UK is undeniably colder and more challenging than in the tropics, we certainly think its worth it! The UK is home to some amazing wrecks, and within these wrecks you are bound to find an abundance of marine life. Being a coastal club, LUSAC has access to some of the best dive sites in the UK, including Anglesey in Wales, a UK renowned dive site. Check out our Instagram @livsubaqua to see some of our trip photos.

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Underwater Hockey

Octopush (also known as underwater hockey) is a fast paced underwater game similar to hockey. Originally developed by divers to help them keep fit and engaged in dive clubs during the offseason, it has become a sport in its own right.

The easiest way to explain it is with a video link (which you should check out!)

If you’re interested in giving it ago, we always welcome anyone, no matter the skill level or fitness level. So please do get in touch. You must be able to swim, and be comfortable in the water.

We train in the University of Liverpool sports centre pool every Tuesday and Friday between 20:30-22:00. Octopush is thirsty work, so we are always found in the pub after, giving you a chance to get to know us all.

See you at the bottom of the pool sometime soon!

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Dive With Us

As a university of Liverpool club we have to prioritise our own students, but we can accept students from the other universities based in Liverpool, including Alumni and staff.
We train up to BSAC Dive Leader and we also allow divers with qualifications from other agencies to dive with us or to crossover and continue their training.

Please use the buttons below to get to the information relevant to you.

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Interested in learning to dive?

Then you are in the right place.
As a fully registered BSAC club we teach all the way up to BSAC dive leader. BSAC qualifications
are recognised around the world so can be used wherever you go. Once you are qualified you’ll be
able to join us on one of our many trips.

As BSAC is a non-profit organisation and all of the instructors are volunteers in it for the love of
the sport learning to dive is cheaper than you think especially compared to other agencies like

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Interested in learning to dive?

If you’re already BSAC qualified don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll get you diving as soon as possible. If you hold a qualification that isn’t BSAC, don’t worry, LUSAC warmly accept divers from other agencies, including PADI, SAA, SSI, SSAC and others.

We recommend that you are drysuit qualified as most of our diving takes place within the UK. We can provide drysuit training if you do not already have it, just get in touch with us. We also welcome those who wish to continue their training with us but are not currently BSAC trained.

We have a number of requests every year from those who hold qualifications such as PADI Open Water or equivalent and wish to continue their training with BSAC. If you wish to crossover to BSAC then we can train you to Sports Diver or above, equivalent to PADI Rescue Diver and above.

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We estimate that over the course of the year to complete your ocean diver or sport diver qualification it would cost in the region of £300-£400.

If you would like a more exact estimate of costs please get in touch with us.

Already qualified:
If you already have a diving qualification, whether that is a BSAC qualification or a qualification from an alternative agency, you can still join LUSAC! You will have to do a refresher lesson so we can make sure your skills are familiar to you. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss it

If you are already qualified and do not wish to undergo any further training it will only cost you
around £100 to become a fully insured member, however please note this does not include trip

Ocean Diver TotalAU BSAC Kit Levy Pack Pool entries Open Water Days
UoL Student £376 £40 £32 £60 £42 £18 £184

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Meet Our Committee

PresidentAlice Lloyd
Diving OfficerTom Bestwick
SecretaryConnor Brizell
TreasurerDaniel Sykes
Membership SecretaryJulien Marro
Training OfficersMatthew Howard + Josh Allan
Equipment OfficerRobbie Sandle
Boat and Compressor OfficerAndy Jennions
Expedition OfficerJessica Liu
Social and Welfare OfficerJaimie Smithson
Social Media OfficerMia Ball
Octopush CaptainCameron Kelly
Octopus Vice CaptainRosie Horner

President: Alice

Hiya, I’m a third year vet student. I started learning to dive in Saudi Arabia when I was 15, getting my PADI qualification (god forbid). My first couple of diving trips, I won’t lie to you, I hated it and I wasn’t very good… the whole thing scared me. But then almost overnight things changed, it was my 4th or 5th trip and I got in the water and not to sound lame but it just felt like I belonged. I did my PADI advanced soon after and have lived and breathed diving ever since. I even want to be a marine vet when I graduate – but who wouldn’t want to work with seals, dolphins and whale sharks!

Diving Officer: Tom

Hi, I’m Tom and I’m a final year computer science student. I started diving way back in
2012 and immediately fell in love with it. I joined the club in 2018 and have loved helping
new members progress and get their qualifications. It is a pleasure watching them fall in
love with this amazing sport.

My role is as LUSAC's Diving Officer for 2020/21. I ensure the safety of all diving
activities as well as ensuring that training standards are met within the club.

Secretary: Connor

Hey, I’m Connor and I’m the 2020/21 Secretary for LUSAC. I joined the club in 2018 as a second-year Mechatronics and Robotics student, with no experience in diving prior to the Club’s try-dive. I was hooked straight away and the next day, I signed up to be a trainee! Since then, I am now a Sports Diver and Assistant Diving Instructor, all within a year thanks to the help and willingness of LUSAC.

I love the Club for its diverse range of members, all with their own level of experience. This is a sport befitting for anyone of any ability, with training provided from those wanting to learn for the first time, or to divers already qualified even through other agencies such as PADI or SSI.
Any questions about anything related to the Club or diving in general, feel free to contact me!

Treasurer: Danny

Hi my name is Danny and I’m the 2020/21 treasurer for LUSAC. I was born and raised in West Yorkshire but have been fortunate to travel a fair bit before starting my study in History at the University of Liverpool. Although I try my hardest to get into the sea when on holiday, from snorkelling to kayaking, I never managed to get certified scuba training, resulting in me joining the club in my second year of uni (2019). As a new member of the club and diving in general, I highly recommend joining LUSAC, to both learn a skill that’ll last a lifetime and to meet new friends

Membership Secretary: Julien

Hiya ! I’m Julien, I am a third year medical student and also the 2020/2021 membership secretary for LUSAC! I first started diving in 2018 in the south of France, and I loved it so much that I joined the club in my first year. I then did my Sports Diver with LUSAC and love diving in the UK whenever I can. Please do get in touch for any questions relating to cost, I’ll do my best to help !

Training officers: Josh and Matt

Hey, we’re Josh and Matt and not only did we start diving together at Liverpool in our 3rd year of university (and loved it immediately) but we also did the same degree so are great friends!

Although Matt has continued his studies onto a Masters (the horror), I (Josh) have now left University but will continue to dive at Liverpool. To find me, you must travel a little further afield to Chester where I will be working with the rhinos at Chester Zoo.

Equipment officer: Robbie

Hi, I’m a final year Mechatronics and Robotics student. I joined the club in my second year because I was looking for something to make my time at uni more interesting and I've enjoyed diving and playing octopush ever since. I’m currently working towards completing sports diver and hope to finish it by the end of the year. As the equipment officer my role is to make sure you have the equipment you need when you go diving and that it all works.

Expedition Officer: Jessica

Hi my name is Jessica and I am the 2020/21 Expedition Officer for LUSAC. I am a BSAC Diver Leader and have been with LUSAC since 2015. My role is to provide advice and help organise dive trips! If there is a place you would like to go but don't know how, give me a shout and lets go diving!

Social and Welfare Officer: Jaimie

Hi I’m Jaimie, I’m the social and wellbeing secretary of the club and also a second year marine biology student so obviously learning to dive was number one on my list when coming to university. My first dive was in Greece and I loved getting up close with marine species! LUSAC has really helped me in not only learning to dive but also in making lifelong friendships and connections that will benefit me in the future. I like to think I’m quite approachable and friendly so If you ever need help with social events or general well-being just give me a shout, I’ll do my best to make sure you feel comfortable and happy in the club (just don’t ask me about sharks or I won’t shut up)!

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Upcoming Trips

**Upcoming trips may be affected by Covid restrictions

September 2020: Cornwall - 10 days, all welcomeApril 2020: Cornwall - 10 days, all welcome28th -31st August 2021: Isle of Man - 4 days diving, minimum qualification: experienced ocean diver

Past Trips

Farne Islands: Sep 2017

UK Diving (Most common)

Anglesey: WalesBallycastle: N.IrelandCornwallFarne islandsSound of Mull: Scotland

Mediterranean (once a year)

MadeiraRed Sea: EgyptSardinia: Italy

Other exotic places (once a year)

Indonesia: Manando + Bunaken+ Many others

Check out our instagram @livsubaqua to see some of our trip photos.

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Going Diving

Before you go diving, you must:
Have paid AU membership, kit levy, BSAC membership and completed the medical decleration on MyBSACComplete the next of kin form individually (This from resets every september)Have completed the boatshed Induction / Kitroom InductionSign your equipment out individuallyHave read the Shore Diving Guidance section belowHave read the information below on car sharing and sign the Car Sharing DeclerationThe expedition leader/dive manager to complete the LUSAC Trip Form and the Sport Liverpool Trip Form

After you go diving, you must:
Sign your equipment in individuallyReport any equipment damage or malfunction

Equipment Access

You may only have access to the boatshed once you have read and signed this document:

Equipment Sign Out and Return

All equipment must be signed out before being used off campus. Please ensure this form is completed every time an expedition / trip is undertaken, and once for every member who is signing out equipment. Although permitted, please avoid signing out equipment on others behalfs wherever possible.

This form must also be completed upon return, or else the equipment will be deemed to have been not returned and you will remain accountable for it's whereabouts.

Any member who is found to not be using the form may not be permitted to use club equipment in the future.

LUSAC Shore Diving Guidance

Before you go on a trip, it is very important that you understand the steps to returning to diving safely by following government advise and BSAC guidance.

Currently a dive trip should consist of a maximum of 6 people and where possible divers must stay 2m apart at all times.

You must take time to read the shore diving risk assessment (Supplied by the DO after you have submitted the trip form) and amend this to consider specific risks and controls for the site you are diving at. This must be submitted to the DO. You should read the BSAC shore diving document to aid this.Prior to any trip you must ask the divers to confirm that they are symptom free, and advise them that if they are displaying any symptoms no matter how mild they must not attend and should isolate as per government guidance.All divers should avoid handling any else’s kit. If this is not practical, then they must sanitize their hands before touching someone else’s kit.You need to maintain the normal dive log, and this will also be available, so we know exactly who is in attendance in case of a confirmed case.Briefings and buddy checks should and can be done with social distancing as per the government guidance. During the buddy check the AS should be checked using the purge button and should not be breathed from.If the AS is used, then it needs to be sanitized before its next used.Group sizes must be limited to adhere to government guidance (at time of production of this document it is 6 in England).Divers should take steps to kit up as self reliantly as possible, i.e. make use of a bench or the boot of car. If assistance is required both divers should wear a face covering and never come face to face.Assistance during entry and exit should only be given with both divers wearing mask and with regulator in. This is normal practice anyway but needs to be especially highlighted in the uncertain times.In case of emergency the dive manager must decide on the actions to take. The decision on whether to provide Rescue Breaths (RB) during a rescue should be considered by the Dive Manager and discussed in the dive brief. This would consider:

  • proximity to the shore, boat or a hard platform on which CPR can be administered,

  • the availability of an alternative to RB for ventilating the casualty, e.g., bag valve mask,

  • the availability of a defibrillator

  • the likely response time of the emergency services or advanced care

  • personal attitude to risk vs potentially saving a life

It is important for the dive manager to understand the importance of divers gradually and safely returning to diving in a controlled and ideally familiar environment after having been out of the water for so long. For first dives back a depth of 20m should not be exceeded.As DM you should brief people of these guidelines in advance of arriving at the site so there is no confusion on arrival.

Car Sharing Guidance

If you are car sharing, please read the guidance below and sign the declration.
We suggests the maximum number of individuals within a car is 2.

Submit a Trip Form

Please complete the LUSAC Trip form and the Sport Liverpool form before any expedition commences.

This form should ideally be submitted as early as possible to make the Diving Officer aware of any planned expeditions and have time to review them.

All information submitted will be read by the Diving Officer and securely stored electronically.

Club Finance

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Get in Touch!

We would love to hear from you! Send us a message via facebook or use the form below.

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